published( 2003. )
modified( 2014. )
subject( code :: countdown )

Originally written over a year ago as a javascript web page that counted down to my girlfriend visiting me, this was created soon after as something that was less noticable because it didn't require an open web browser window, and was therefore more "work safe".

Changes in 1.5.7:

  • Rounding bug fixed... changed how it counts entirely... heh.
  • Changed the import/export filename.
  • Changed the settings location in the registry.
  • Changed the default settings values.
  • Added a check and message box to ask about importing on startup rather than automatically importing if it existed.
  • Added the Reset button functionality to the form activate sub to keep everything behaved initially.
  • Added an about menu item to the systray menu and associated dialog.
  • Numerous other small changes.

Download links:

  • Unpacked executable:
  • Packed executable:
  • Settings w/Two Towers pre-added:
  • MS VB5 Run-Time Files:
countdown.exe    (83 KB)
countdown_c.exe  (34 KB)   (1.9 KB)
Msvbvm50.exe    (1 MB)