published( 2009.11.20 )
modified( 2015. )
subject( Medlir's CAPS Player )

Originally written November 20th, 2009, CAPS Player is a simple audio player written in C# that plays a random wav file from it's directory. It was written to play Billy Mays audio clips, as John Haller's version came with only a handful of clips and didn't have any way to add others. However, this can be used to play any set of clips you'd like, and most recently, I created a bundle of Jon St. John "Duke Nukem" clips from the Mega64 video "Doug Huggem".

Run it, it sits in the tray with a Billy Mays icon, whenever you hit CapsLock, it plays a clip. If you'd like to toggle the normal Caps Lock, Ctrl+CapsLock will still do so. To close, just click or right-click on the tray icon.

Concept from John Haller's Billy Mays Caps Lock

Icon used with permission from Glitschka Studios:

Includes a modified UserActivityHook Class from Version 1 of
George Mamaladze's project found here:

Changes in 1.0:

  • Original release.

Download links: